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Celebrating over 20 years of excellence, we are the premier producers of women's shows, women's expos, women's events, and trade shows.

Our shows are produced and managed by reputable, experienced professionals, and feature more excitement, more entertainment, interactive activities, and new features that are fun for everyone. Our successful shows are unparalleled in the industry.

Reach thousands of consumers face to face.  Let us produce your next event!


“Always a professionally run event!”

“A Great opportunity to sell product.”

“This is a great opportunity for our team to meet face to face with existing and potential clients.”

About Consumer Expos New England

Annmarie Gagne, Consumer Expos New England, Producer of Original Connecticut Women's Expo, Massachusetts Women's Expo, Trade Shows and more

Consumer Expos New England, producers of Original Connecticut Women's Expo, Western Massachusetts Women's Expo, Southern Connecticut Women's Expo, successful Trade Shows

I have been producing, managing and marketing women's expos, consumer and trade show events for 20 years, and am a creator of the original Connecticut Women's Expo in Hartford, now in its 17th year!

I produce events in partnership with our exhibitors and suppliers, and offer consulting and management of consumer and trade show events nationally, providing successful and profitable shows to my clients.  

I have a proven track record of producing and managing successful shows, which is unrivaled in the trade show & consumer expos industry in Southern New England.

Contact me to make your next show a success!

For more information please contact me:
Annmarie Gagne
Consumer Expos New England
Phone: 860-916-6343
Email: agagne @ consumerexposne com

My goals include attention to detail and on-site performance to meet and exceed the expectations of exhibitors and attendees.

I am committed to: 
■ Producing high-quality, enjoyable events for our attendees.
■ Managing and marketing events.
■ Public relations and media promotion.
■ Providing original design and content.
■ Facility procurement and negotiation.
■ Financial management and reporting for events.
■ Meeting the highest standards of customer service and professionalism.
■ Taking personal interest in your success at our events.
■ Conducting business with honesty, integrity and flexibility.
■ Empowering our team by providing a supportive and creative work atmosphere through communication and trust.