How to Find Green Cosmetics That Is Really Green

April 4, 2021 , Green Cosmetics

With the rising concerns about the environment and the health of people in general, more people are becoming aware of the importance of using natural, organic, plant-based or naturally organic health and beauty products and ingredients. Although many consumers think of organic when they hear the word, it is very important to make the distinction between organic and non-organic products. Organic refers to plants and animals that have not been treated with pesticides and other chemicals. Non-organic means that the animal or plants were fed fertilizers and herbicides. The most common types of non-organic products are foods that are grown with the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Products made with conventionally produced chemicals can often have an adverse environmental effect. The manufacture of synthetic chemical-laden health and beauty products puts these chemicals and potentially more, into the water, air, and soil, and more often than not, goes down the drain in your household. If you choose to use conventionally produced skin care products, choose only those that contain naturally organic compounds. These naturally organic compounds will not put off or linger in the air, and they will be readily absorbed by the skin.

There are many ways to investigate the environmental quality of health and beauty products before you buy. Always consider the source of the ingredients. Many products that claim to be made from natural herbs or organic plants may actually be made from mineral oil, which is a petroleum-based product that has questionable safety levels. Some other sources of ethically produced components include nuts, seeds, herbal oils, and other naturally occurring components. If you have any doubt as to the source of a particular product, do not purchase it – always investigate before you buy.

We take a very simple view on this topic. Our opinion is that if a product is advertised as being made from organics, it should at least be made with organics. If it has been manufactured with toxic chemicals, it should at least be made with toxic chemicals only. In our view, ethically produced products should be labeled as such; for the most part this also requires the usage of a standard third-party certification label. The labeling information is important in determining whether a product is truly an “ethically grown” product, and whether it was created in an environmentally friendly manner.

For this guide we recommend that you find two or three major cosmetic companies that are the most heavily regulated in regards to their use of toxic chemicals in cosmetics and other personal care products, and that you look at the standards that each company uses to determine whether or not their cosmetic ingredients are safe. After you have determined which companies we believe are the most heavily regulated, then you should contact either the company’s direct web address or call their corporate headquarters and speak with a representative about the company’s environmental policy. You should ask them what type of chemicals they use to ensure that their cosmetic products are free of all types of harmful toxins. You can also find this information on their web site, or by contacting their customer service department.

From reading this article you should now understand how to find a “green” company that uses environmentally friendly and organic ingredients to provide you with safe cosmetics products. You will also understand how to determine whether or not a company uses safe and environmentally friendly chemicals. Now, you just need to learn where to get your reliable and safe products. Visit the site below to find out more. This is the first in a two part series on the subject of “natural” personal care products. In the next article we will investigate the health benefits of using natural and organic products.